Day 31: Bolshoy Goloustnoy to Irkutsk, The bus to Irkutsk

Hills and snow covered ground seen through a dirt spattered window.
Detour through Maloye Goloustnoye.

On their kind recommendation I relocate to Hostel Baikal Story, a short ride away, in the middle of town.

Hidden down a driveway, behind a secured door and up a lot (!) of steps, it takes a bit of finding. But once up there it is both comfortable and well-appointed.

I’m unsure whether to stay here for the last few days of my visa or to organise another tour. It’s difficult to communicate my dilemma to the hostel manager, who speaks little English. She phones someone called Oxanna, who may be able to help.

Oxanna arrives minutes later. She is gorgeous and out of breath from the climb up the stairs. I quickly realise that she is pregnant – talk about customer service! The common room features many photos of her with guests and it’s obvious that she is the hostel’s founder.

After talking to her I realise that sorting out my passage to Mongolia is more important than trying to squeeze in another tour.