A herd of horses in the snow.
Curious horses in the Gobi.

Welcome to Don’t Believe The Hype. I’m Dan, a nomadic New Zealander who loves riding the path less ridden.

In September 2015 I said goodbye to family and friends and set off on a long overdue cycle trip. My plan was to ride across Asia, from Russia, to Hong Kong and beyond..

This website is the chronicle of my daily life on the road. In the Tour Diary, you will see popular buzz phrases like bike packing, wild camping, and digital nomad. These flashy concepts certainly caused this desk jockey to salivate wildly! But what is it really like, once you take the leap and get past the hype?

I’ll tell you how it really is, for me. The things I struggle with, the big pay-offs, the diamonds in the rough and the wonderful little lessons that make me smile at the way that the universe works.

I hope that, by being honest, I can dispel some of the myths around adventure travel and encourage you to live out your own dreams.

Please check out my Tour Diary for daily entries from my time on the road.

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